Novel Technological Breakthroughs In Weight Loss

Unlike traditional applied fat-burning products, Greasesuckle Weight Loss Patch breaks through the stratum corneum and brings the active ingredients directly into the fat layer, allowing fat to be burned into energy more efficiently.

The Primary Role Of Nano-microneedles

The primary role of nano-microneedles in the weight loss patch is to deliver active ingredients accurately and effectively into the skin for weight loss. These nano-microneedles are 1/4 hair thickness, 250 microns, deep and tragic, delivering the compounds directly into the deeper layers of the skin, which prevents wastage of the compounds on the skin surface. The benefits include enhanced absorption efficiency, leading to improved weight loss effects, and no side effects compared to traditional oral or injected medications, which will not potentially harm organs like the liver and kidneys. The use of nano-microneedles is painless and does not damage the skin due to their small size. Furthermore, they are user-friendly, allowing individuals to use them without the need for professional medical assistance.

The Innovative Formula Of Greasesuckle


Oligopeptides are small molecule proteins made up of amino acids that provide essential nutrients to promote fat metabolism and burning. In addition, it helps to improve sagging skin and making it look firmer and younger.


Angelica is considered an herb that helps improve blood circulation and metabolism, which can help eliminate excess water and toxins from the body, leading to a slimming effect.


Caffeine can enhance the body's metabolism and help the body burn fat faster, as well as improve one's mental state and make exercise more active.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid that can help the body convert fat into energy, which is very helpful in reducing weight and enhancing athletic ability.

Suitable For All Obese Individuals

Our products are designed for all types of obese individuals, including

● Obesity Due To Overeating
● Localized Obesity
● Hereditary Obesity
● Disease Related Obesity
● Drug-induced Obesity
● Emotional Stress Obesity

And more... Whatever the cause of your obesity, our products provide a comprehensive, scientific and effective solution to healthy weight loss.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Gently peel off the patch from the protective film

Apply patches on each side of the navel and on the left and right arms.

Press the applied area for 10 seconds to fully release the active ingredients.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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It has helped me save a lot of time and it is very convenient to lose weight without going to the gym, just at home! It has also helped me increase my metabolism and I feel more energized in my body.

Olivia Kubheka, 48

I was pleasantly surprised by other weight loss medications, but they all gave me stomach pains, which this Nano Microneedle Weight Loss Patch does not have.

Susan Ouma, 35

All the weight loss medications I have tried have caused me to lose my appetite, which makes it very difficult, whereas this Nano Microneedle Weight Loss Patch has no such problems, and I am very happy with it.

Isabella, 40

I love this product, it has all natural ingredients and I've already lost 30 lbs in 1 month of use and it's very effective!

Liam, 53

It's amazing, I used this patch for more than a week in order to see a more noticeable change, and now I've lost 40 pounds without any discomfort and am very satisfied!

Harper Khatri, 50

I've used a lot of weight loss products, but this Nano Microneedle Weight Loss Patch is the only one I've found to be both safe and painless, and I really like it.

Laura, 39

I was pleasantly surprised by other weight loss medications, but they all gave me stomach pains, which this Nano Microneedle Weight Loss Patch does not have.

Sophia, 55

I have lost 10 pounds and my weight has stayed steady with no rebound, which is very important to me.

Garth Kilback, 41


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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